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HF-A50 Hot Melt Coating Machine
Product IntroductionConsultation
Suitable for producing double side tape,duct tape,double side foam tape,cleaning tape,kraft paper tape,masking tape,aluminum foil tape,fiber tape,medical dressing tape,shoes material,paper label,film label,PP woven bag,low temperature hot melt adhesive film etc.

2.Main Feature:
Main machine speed and amount of glue feeding are controlled by AC converter,which can be adjusted manually or automatically synchronous tracking.
Adopt Intelligent PID temperature control system,temperature control is very precise the error is within 1℃.
G1ue melting box is coated with Teflon Non-sticky coating,effectively prevent the hot melt adhesive from carbonization.
Equipped with highly precise gear pump,making sure the glue supply to be steady.
High precise alloy coating head guarantee high quality of the coating effect.
High effective cooling device insure the application of substrate.

3、Technica1 Parameters

Model HF-A50
Coating Width 400-2500mm
Coating Weight 10-200g/m2
Coating Speed 50m/min
Unwind Diameter 1000mm
Rewind Diameter 700mm
Length 4800mm
Height 1350mm
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